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Invite your friends & get Rs.100 as a Referral Bonus once your friend join Mudra4u

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Invite frinds
Rs.100 for every Refferal GIF

How Refer & Earn Works

You Invite A Friend

Invite a friend by an email, social media or WhatsApp.

Your Friend Joins Us

Your Friend Joins us using referral code you get Rs.100 bonus and after completing verification your referred friend also get Rs.100 Bonus.

Friend Shops Online

Shop Online via our website and earn cashback of Rs.1000 to get confirmed referral bonus

Earn Bonus

Referral bonus Rs.100 and your friend gets Rs.100 joining bonus.

Why Refer Friends


Help Your Friends

Help your friends save on shopping and also earn the cashback.


Joining Bonus

All your friends earn the joining bonus Rs.100


Referral Bonus

Earn referral bonus of Rs.100 as your friend will also earn joining bonus of Rs.100

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